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The 2022 Season: Success? Failure? Gone!

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By: Luft Krigare

The season is over for your Minnesota Vikings so let’s evaluate the results, plus the latest news from Ed Donatell’s release to who might replace him. SKOL!

On today’s episode of Two Old Bloggers – Was the 2022 Minnesota Vikings season a success? Was it a failure? How do you measure? That is a point-of-view question for most people. Sure, there are multiple ways to measure it from wins and losses, to stats of all types, boxscore and advanced, to win the Super Bowl or it’s a bust. How you feel about it comes down to your view.

Ed Donatell was released this week after a season where the defense underperformed compared to expectations and the rest of the league. Was it justified? There are names popping up like former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores, New Orleans Saints co-defensive coordinator Ryan Nielson, and Seattle Seahawks defensive assistant Sean Desai interview requests have been made. Will one of these 3 gentlemen replace Donatell, or someone else? How will the choice affect the Vikings’ free agency and draft strategy?

Speaking of the 2023 NFL Draft hosted in Kansas City, can Kwesi get a better hit rate on players that can make a difference in their rookie year than he did in 2022? With much change ahead, especially on the defensive side of the ball, along with the need to get cap compliant, a good draft will be imperative if the Vikings hope to repeat as NFC North Division Champions. Darren and Dave will get into these themes and more on today’s 2OB.

Theme #1: Was the first year under Kevin O’Connell and Kwesi Adofo-Mensah a success?

Theme #2: Donatell done as DC

Theme #3: Better drafting is needed to improve the defense

Darren Campbell and David Stefano are the Two Old Bloggers. Both started public commentary on the Vikings two decades ago on various blogs. They now do it via live streams on YouTube and Facebook. We appreciate your team fandom and that you are taking the time to enjoy it with us.

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