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Open thread: Which team do you want the Lions to play in the playoffs?

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By: Alex Reno

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What is one NFC matchup you would love to see if the Lions make a playoff run?

With the Detroit Lions mounting a comeback over the Chicago Bears and the Minnesota Vikings losing to the Denver Broncos on “Sunday Night Football,” the Lions now have a 99.5 percent chance (according to FTN Fantasy’s DVOA playoff odds) of making the playoffs and a 92.4 percent chance of winning the division. I think it’s pretty darn safe to be talking about the playoffs now… that is, unless a different model has the Lions at a 98.8 percent chance?

The Lions have only played one team currently in the NFC playoff picture so far this year and that was when they lost to the Seattle Seahawks in Week 2. With the way that the Lions’ defense performed in that game and with their inherent struggles against mobile quarterbacks, I don’t love their chances against teams like the Seahawks or the Eagles. And if the Lions earn the No. 2 seed, the Seahawks are a real possibility, with the Vikings looking like the next best bet.

If the Lions did face the Vikings in the playoffs, that would make it their third meeting in four games. Could you imagine the Lions outlasting the Vikings to win the NFC North and then following it up by beating them again for their first playoff victory since 1992? Talk about making a statement in the division.

That brings us to today’s Question of the Day…

Which projected NFC playoff team would you like to see the Lions play the most in the postseason?

I mentioned my desire to see the Lions play the Vikings in the playoffs, but a close second for me would be the San Francisco 49ers. Last year, the Lions missed the playoffs in heartbreaking fashion with the Los Angeles Rams unable to provide any help to get Detroit to sneak into the playoffs. Had it worked out, the Lions would have drawn the 49ers in the first round and honestly, I think it’s a matchup that the Lions could have won last year, and I think they matchup even better against them this year.

For these two teams to meet, it would likely have to be in the divisional or conference championship round. The 49ers have had an impressive run under head coach Kyle Shanahan and their defense is certainly scary, but we’ve seen that if you can get an early lead on the 49ers and force them to play from behind, they can really struggle offensively.

Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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