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OTL: #RavensFlock, We Don’t Have to Do This

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By: Jared Pinder

Hello and happy Wednesday, Flock. This is the last week of football as we prepare for the biggest game of the year. While the rest of the NFL’s fan bases are preparing for the Super Bowl and planning how to stuff their faces with delicious food and beer, Ravens fans were enjoying the “Bullies of Baltimore” on Sunday Night.

I watched the premier on Sunday night and then the ESPN+ uncensored cut on Monday, and I loved it. The best way to view it is a time capsule for how the NFL used to be before the rule changes took effect. Unfortunately, some Ravens fans took the chance to use the documentary’s quality to take endless shots at the current Ravens and dunk on them.

This shouldn’t be surprising considering Twitter’s constant negativity, and especially how vicious Ravens fans on Twitter can be, but give me a break, man. Why are we using this beautiful documentary and salute to the life of one of the most critical members of the team’s first Super Bowl (Tony Siragusa) as a way to criticize the current Ravens?

Please grow up, man.

Look, I got mad about the Ravens’ wide receiver room and Lamar Jackson’s lack of contract as much as the next guy, but can we try to separate our frustration with the team building (which, outside of the receiver room, is awesome) and just enjoy “Bullies of Baltimore” for what it is?

Of course not, because it is Twitter, and Ravens fans love to complain and are getting annoying.

If a non-fan just casually saw some things that Ravens Twitter says, they would believe this team would be winning three games a year or something.

But what really gets on my nerves is this:

Look, I will not sit here and gate-keep younger fans. I am 23 and was only a year old when that Super Bowl happened. So technically, I would fall into this group of younger fans. Still, I at least understand Ravens history and know that comments like “Billick would have fired Roman” when Billick at least as stubborn than Harbaugh are ridiculous. Especially considering that Billick was supposed to be an “offensive guru,” yet could never lead a great offense in Baltimore and brought in horrible coordinators and quarterbacks to whom he hitched his wagons. It’s just wrong to say that Billick would have done something different than Harbs.

I like Brian, but comparing him to Harbs and trying to use his success to dunk on the current coach is just plain wrong. Would I have loved Harbs to move on from Roman sooner? Yes. Does Harbs get on my nerves sometimes? Yes. All these things are true, and he might be losing his grip a little bit, but honestly, so is the Flock. We should just let Billick and Harbaugh’s success be separate from each other instead of trying to use them to tear each other down.

OK, enough complaining about this fan base…time to move on.

This week was huge for the upcoming NFL Draft as both the Shrine Bowl and the Senior Bowl happened last week, and the Ravens seem to have their eyes on one of the biggest standouts:

Draft season is upon us, and it makes sense for the Ravens to show interest in receivers considering this issue haunted them for all of 2022. Flowers is a really fun player to watch. His speed and exceptional route running made him uncoverable against the corners at the Shrine Bowl. He would be a great addition, but at this point, it is impossible to say if he is out of reach for that 22nd pick.

Speaking of wide receivers, as we look forward, the most important thing for the Ravens this offseason is figuring out this position.

The most efficient way of doing it would be this:

The Ravens have it in them to fix a position in one offseason; they just have to reach a little to achieve their goals.

What can help the Ravens acquire some help will be knowing who the offensive coordinator will be.

Luckily we have the list of we know who will be receiving a second interview:

Out of this list, Dave Canales would be my favorite. He already comes from a system that runs the ball while balancing throwing the ball. He is also young and apparently played a big role in Geno Smith becoming great this year.

I don’t have much of a take on the rest, but I know Bobby Engram would get a lot of heat due to his ties to Harbaugh, but it is hard to get a solid opinion outside of Canales.

I think because this is taking so long and the net cast into the large ocean of options vast, it won’t be a guy like Engram. It just feels like these last couple of weeks would be a waste of time to hire another Roman-type Harbuddy.

So as we wait for more news from the Ravens, enjoy the Super Bowl, and remember, we don’t have to get up in arms and compare two different people constantly, a la Lebron vs. M.J.

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