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OTL: You Gotta Fight For Your Right to…Flip a Coin

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By: Derek Arnold

Happy Final Purple Friday of the regular season, Flock.

It’s been an unprecedented week in the NFL, as the league and teams try to figure out how to proceed after a key AFC game was stopped short by tragedy on Monday night.

Regarding that tragedy, happily we can start off today with some great news.

How incredible is that? One of the biggest worries all week has been the state of Hamlin’s neurological system. Not only is he awake, but now he is Facetiming his teammates! A true testament to the heroes on the Bills medical staff and the doctors and nurses at the University of Cincinnati.

With the big picture stuff looking so promising, we can move onto football. The NFL has come up with what they consider a fair resolution. It’s a bit convoluted, so have another sip of your Royal Farms coffee before trying to decipher it with us.

Our understanding is that the league owners, meeting later today, still have to vote to approve this proposal. If accepted, the Buffalo-Cincy game from Monday will be declared “no contest.” As a result, each team will only have played 16 games this season, while the other 30 teams play 17. This affects the Ravens in a big way. Now, should they win on Sunday in Cincinnati, they would be 11-6 while the Bengals would be 11-5. That better winning percentage means the Bengals still win the AFC North, despite losing twice to the Ravens.

So, not fair to our boys, for sure. The remedy for this? A coin flip to determine the site of the Wild Card game between the teams.

Bottom line: The only chance the Ravens have of hosting a playoff game is if:

  1. they beat the Bengals
  2. are scheduled to play them in the first round
  3. win a coin flip

Number one is obviously the most important, and with the news that Lamar Jackson is STILL not practicing – and Tyler Huntley has been limited – it looks like we might be relying on third-stringer Anthony Brown to get it done for us.

Jackson’s status for the playoffs is uncertain as well. Would one week of practice even be enough for him to get back into form after over a month off? He’d obviously give Baltimore a better chance to win than either Huntley or Brown, but the situation remains far from ideal.

We Ravens fans will try to put on our purple glasses and hope for the best, while we sit at the end of the bar. Speaking of, we want to see your #EndofTheBar pictures!

Join us at the #EndOfTheBar as the Ravens fight for their right to…have a coin flip.

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