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Reporting as Eligible – Bojo’s Tiny Pants

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By: PaulNoonan


Surely, special teams won’t be THAT important. Right? Right?

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Several Acme Packing Company contributors have joined forces for a Packers-focused podcast: Reporting As Eligible. If you’ve ever wondered what Paul Noonan or Matub sound like in real life, tune in as they join JR Radcliffe of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for discussion and banter about the Packers and whatever else is going on out there.

On this melancholy yet angry episode of Reporting as Eligible, Paul, Matt, and JR break down everything that cost the Packers what should have been a picturesque, snowy victory against San Francisco. The curious decision to not start Nijman, Bakhtiari’s absence, Marcedes’ fumble, Aiyuk’s non-fumble, Mason’s awful kickoffs, Tyler’s poor field goal blocking, AJ’s special teams’ injury, Matt’s playcalling, Aaron’s misses, and the blocked punt all make an appearances.

They also give props to the defense for a well played game, before talking about Eric Stokes dropped pick-six, George Kittle’s drops, Aaron Jones’ attempt to fake out Jaquiski Tartt, Dennis Kelly’s all around badness, not going for it on 4th and 2, and whether Lazard or EQ was more open. Plus, the worst special teams of all time, Randall Cobb coming back too soon, Aaron, Davante, the future, acid jazz, and of course, listener questions!

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