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Top plays of the Rams 2022 season, No. 14: Jalen Ramsey uses hit stick

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By: Steven Ridings

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Ramsey delivered another signature big hit in 2022

The Los Angeles Rams 2022 season and performance by the team as a whole may not have electrified fans, but there is no dispute that there were still electrifying plays over the course of the 17 games. Despite the team playing with a losing record for the majority of the year and the lineup being devoid of starters, fans (or at least myself) witnessed signature moments for young and veteran players.

Sometimes we take for granted the moments in players careers or a franchise’s seasons. As a fan, you learn to appreciate the highs and lows. I thought it was fitting to compile a list of the top 15 plays to remember the best moments of the 2022 Rams.

Current list:

#15 – Tutu Atwell’s first NFL catch

Next on the list…

#14 – Jalen Ramsey rocks Christian McCaffrey

One thing that the Rams fans have grown accustomed to seeing on a yearly basis are the hits that Jalen Ramsey delivers on offensive players in the open field. In years past, Ramsey has made victims out of Kyle Allen, Devonta Freeman, Amari Cooper, Javon Wims, Golden Tate, and Rondale Moore.

You can add Christian McCaffrey to the list. In Week 6 at home against the Carolina Panthers, Jalen Ramsey sent the star running back packing after a jaw-jarring hit. Even though this was just a tackle, it’s the significance behind the hit stick. Ever since coming over in a trade from the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jalen Ramsey has provided a level of physicality to the Rams defense that not many other franchises can advertise for their defense. He provides elite pass coverage but is an all pro for his ability to do both – defend the pass and run.

While Los Angeles faces a lot of financial decisions for the 2023 offseason – one thing they may want to consider is Ramsey’s physicality and the difference it brings to the franchise.