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Twitter reactions to injury-plagued Bengals vs. Ravens game

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By: Jason Garrison

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Worst. Case. Scenario.

Well, that was a mess.

The Bengals lost to the Baltimore Ravens in what was a very important game not only for the AFC North title but for the team’s overall chance to get into the playoffs.

The Bengals won the toss and deferred, giving the Ravens the ball to start the game. The Ravens drove down the field and scored a touchdown on their first possession.

The Bengals got the ball back and drove down the field as well, but they fell short and had to settle for three. They were on the board, but the offense was struggling to communicate.

Then the Bengals defense turned it on, especially Trey Hendrickson, who was miraculously playing after what looked like a serious injury suffered just a few days ago.

Unfortunately, the Ravens defense stepped up too.

CTB showed his stuff early in the second quarter.

And Tanner Hudson started to get involved.

And then, tragedy struck. Burrow threw a touchdown pass to Joe Mixon and landed on it awkwardly when he was hit after his release. He was clearly in pain and soon he was heading back to the locker room, where he would be declared out with a wrist injury.

Jake Browning stepped in.

And then it was halftime.

And the hits just keep coming!

CTB left the field with an injured leg, and was eventually ruled out as well.

The Bengals got the ball first in the second half and decided to come out swinging with Browning under center. They had nothing to lose and played aggressive. They had to settle for a field goal, though.

The news was made official.

And maybe some fingers were pointed?

And tempers were lost (justifiably…. the refs were bad, and I’m not usually a “the refs were bad” guy).

And fans were getting desperate.

The Ravens started to grind the clock, looking to break the Bengals’ back, but the defense played tough, despite being down several key players, including CTB and Sam Hubbard.

The Bengals punted, and then the Ravens went on another long drive in the third, ending with another field goal.

The only interesting thing that happened in the third was the field had to be cleared twice because someone was flying a drone in the stadium.

On to the 4th!

The wheels officially fell of the Bengals offense, as they were forced to punt in back-to-back drives, and the Ravens were just worried mostly about getting as much time off the clock as possible.

The Bengals offense punted again, and the Ravens really drove in the coffin nails by scoring again a few minutes later.

Browning put together a nice drive to respond, driving down the field, picking up multiple first downs with his legs, and he finished it off with a short touchdown pass to Chase.

And then it was over.

Try to enjoy your weekend, Bengals fans….

Who Dey!

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