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Why Zay Jones was happy Trevor Lawrence yelled at him

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By: Adam Stites

Zay Jones got an ear full from Trevor Lawrence on Saturday and he’s not upset about it. In fact, the Jacksonville Jaguars receiver thought it was pretty great.

“He’s displaying a new level of leadership,” Jones told reporters in the locker room, via the Florida Times-Union.

According to the Times-Union, Lawrence yelled because Jones didn’t get enough depth on a route. The quarterback quickly apologized, but Jones told reporters no sorry was necessary.

“You need me to do something, and like, I will know that, I won’t let you down in that aspect,” Jones told the Times-Union. “I’ll make sure I’m on it for you. We’re always going, it’s never perfect, but I was extremely happy to see that he was comfortable enough to do that.”

Jones was one of a trio of pass catchers, along with Christian Kirk and Evan Engram, who were added by the Jaguars in free agency in 2022. Despite having so many players in their first season together, the Jacksonville offense has gelled fast.

Those new additions have helped Lawrence develop quickly as a quarterback. Evidently, they’re helping him grow as a leader too.

Originally posted on Jaguars Wire