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Would you rather the Chargers be elite on offense or defense?

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By: Michael Peterson

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Fans seem fairly split on this one.

On Tuesday, we asked you all whether or not you’d rather the Chargers be an elite team on offense or defense.

We got plenty of answers so let’s go ahead and dive in to some of our favorites!


If an elite offense means you need an elite QB, like Herbert, then give me the elite offense. It’s more fun to watch.

Personally, I feel that there is no correct answer here. One example I would give for picking an elite defense is the 2007 Giants. They had an elite defensive line that was able to get pressure on Brady and defeat a previously undefeated team that had the best offense in the league that year with Tom Brady at the helm. And that 2011 Giants defense doesn’t seem to get talked about as an elite defense, although I would sat it was.


I just want an elite QB capable of winning any game. Which we have.


Elite Offense isn’t the right answer, it’s the ONLY answer

Every single Super Bowl Dynasty featured great QBs and dominant offenses:

1. Bradshaw Steelers 4 rings

2. Montana/Young 49ers 5 rings

3. Aikman Cowboys 3 rings

4. Brady Patriots 6 rings

The sole primarily defensive teams to win it all:

1986 Bears and Ray Lewis’ initial Ravens, who won it again more than a decade later only because Joe Flacco played great at QB. So a total of 2 rings for defensive teams.

Near dynasties: Elway Broncos – 5 Super Bowl appearances with back to back wins at

the end and Jim Kelly Bills 4 STRAIGHT Super Bowls, albeit all losses.

Defense DOES NOT WIN championships,

playoffs or regular season.

Why? Because POINTS win games, not sacks, INTs, 3 & outs.

You need good D but you MUST dominant on O with an elite QB.

Case closed. Next!


Give me an elite defense. If you can totally derail an offense, you’ll force their defense to be on the field longer. Having an “elite” defense could get the ball into Herbert’s hands more often and I’ll take that every time with a QB like Justin Herbert.


Playing in an era where the common phrase is that whoever has the ball last will win would suggest that it’s Offense in any given year.


When saying “an elite defense” I’m assuming that it’s not just the top ranked defense but rather a historically special defense, so I’ll take an elite defense because not only will they limit or shut down an offense, they can create turnovers and score points. I believe it’s harder to play defense anyway so if it’s an elite defense, then that means they’re truly something special.


Football is simply a game of possessions and scoring efficiency. On average, an NFL offense gets 11-13 possessions a game. An elite defense can get the offense one or two more possessions a game which can be a difference maker. Just imagine if we gave Herbert one or two more possessions a game in 2021.


20 years ago I would had said Elite Defense – because that by itself would win a championship (Ravens anyone?). In the modern game…. you know… I think I still prefer the Elite Defense, but the Offense really is the way to go. The way a team defense is Elite has changed – your opponent is GOING to put up points. But can you change the momentum with a key timely play? Offense is much easier to come by in today’s game with the Rule changes.

All that said… regardless of which one you have, the other side cannot be utter trash. Best defense with the worst offense will still lose. Although the best offense with the worst defense still might win…..


Marty Ball! Marty Ball! Marty Ball!!!


Elite offense for Justin Herbert, Chiefs defense is usually average but do enough plays to win. Plus we just witnessed our team win cause of Herbert when everyone is hurt. Elite defense would gives us a season like the Jets.

Be sure to come back on Tuesday for our next community discussion1

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