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3 Draft Prospects to Watch for the Colts — Week 3

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By: Andrew Aziz

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In this weekly series, we’ll break down three prospects who could be great fits for the Indianapolis Colts.

In this series, I’ll be breaking down three intriguing prospects that the Colts should take a strong look at. These prospects could be blue chip first round prospects or diamond in the rough late round guys. This series will run weekly until the draft.

Adonai Mitchell — Wide Receiver — Texas

The first thing you see when you look at Mitchell is his tremendous length and size. He is an elite athlete and is one of the top in that regard of all the receivers. Mitchell is a fluid runner as well and can change directions at top speed pretty easily. He consistently proved to be a big play threat, which is something the Colts have been lacking over the past few years.

Texas used him a lot on an island as a split end. They looked to him oftentimes in the redzone and has shown the ability to win 1on1. Texas also used him a lot on quick screens. It was obviously they felt stronger with the ball in his hands. They trusted his big play potential so they almost always targeted him down the field or on quick hitters.

I believe Mitchell is more of a project than people make him out to be. For his size, he needs to use it better winning 50/50 balls. He also needs to do a better job of gaining separation off the line. While he is a fluid athlete, I find he needs to be more efficient with his cuts, especially on hard horizontal breaks. On subtle, more vertical cuts I find he is very smooth and quick. In fact his cuts on posts and fades are fantastic. While he has great top speed, I also think his acceleration is not overly quick and he can oftentimes play with the same speed throughout a route.

The Colts sent some key staff members to the Texas pro day recently and while there are other very intriguing athletes at Texas, I’m sure the team took a long look at Mitchell. Mitchell should be available in the 2nd round and potentially in the 3rd round where he would be big value.

Ben Sinnott — Tight End — Kansas State

Sinnott was one of the highest rated tight ends in terms of RAS scores and we know that Chris Ballard has an affinity for players who rank highly in that regard. He is a complete receiver who runs all types of routes at all levels. He is great with the ball in his hands and can get a lot of yards after the catch, a rarity with tight ends. Kansas State believes in him so much in that regard that they will use him on screen plays.

Sinnott shows good effort as a blocker, but struggles engaging defenders in space and can often be seen on the ground. In fact, most of his issues revolve around his blocking, but if the effort is there, then there could be potential, but at the moment, he would not be a 3 down tight end in the NFL. Separate from his blocking, I find he’s not a fluid athlete and doesn’t change directions too smoothly or quickly. His subtleness in his route running somewhat masks that.

He doesn’t project as a high end tight end in the NFL, but can easily be a reliable pass catching tight end, which is what the Colts desperately need from that position. He is slated to go in the 3rd or 4th round, so getting a player like him in the 4th round would be huge value as he possesses day 1 impact potential.

Trey Benson — Running Back — Florida State

Like Sinnott, Benson had one of the highest RAS scores out of all the running backs in this year’s class. Benson is shifty, quick and is very well built for the NFL. He showcases great cutting ability, especially a nice one cut move (as opposed to shuffling or shaking too much). His numbers as a receiver are also somewhat encouraging and has shown he can run a variety of routes out of the backfield.

Thing about Benson is that while he’s shifty, he’s easy to bring down when a defender has him in his grasp. He’s also not the type of runner to get those hard yards when the pile is stuffed. Despite the nice size, he definitely is more of a finesse runner, which makes him a nice complimentary back to Jonathan Taylor.

Benson could be available to be taken in the 3rd or 4th round. I believe that the 3rd round might be a bit early to take someone who will be a backup to Jonathan Taylor, but a day 3 pick would make a lot of sense.

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