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Aaron Rodgers says he can do everything ‘except sprint at a top speed’

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By: Billy Riccette

Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is getting closer to feeling 100 percent after his Achilles injury in September. He’s not quite there yet but he says he’s feeling good.

That’s what he said during his appearance on The Joe Rogan Podcast. “It feels good,” Rodgers said about his Achilles. “I can do everything except spring at a top speed.”

Rodgers was attempting to play near the end of the season. The Jets opened his practice window at the end of November but a loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 15 eliminated the Jets from playoff contention and eliminated any chance of Rodgers playing again during the 2023 season.

Rodgers was activated from injured reserve just before Christmas, allowing him to continue to rehab with the team as part of the active roster.

The Jets will have Aaron Rodgers back next season, but he will be a 40-year old quarterback coming off an Achilles injury and not having played a full game since January 2023. Time will tell how effective he’ll actually be in 2024. But he’s going to work his tail off to be as effective as he can.

Originally posted on Jets Wire