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New NFL kickoff rule makes one of Browns free-agent signings even better

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By: Matt_Wilson

Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

The signing of Nyheim Hines gains extra value with the new NFL Kickoff structure

The Cleveland Browns signed running back Nyheim Hines early on in the free agency period, and his value as a kick returner has skyrocketed with the announcement of the NFL’s new kickoff structure.

On Tuesday, the league decided to adopt the XFL-style kickoff beginning in 2024 and it could totally change how teams view specific types of players. Kick returns will be less of a “wide open”, all-out scramble to find open space and more of a designed offensive football play.

Players who have experience as a running back will have more value going forward due to their natural ability to see the field in a particular way. Considering the close proximity between the front lines of both the kick and return units, the returners are essentially operating in more of a wide zone or stretch play on offense. Somebody like Nyheim Hines who’s already seen as a great kick and punt returner will bring even more value to Cleveland with this new development.

Needless to say, Hines is pretty excited about the change as well:

Hines’ ability to read and react to his blockers will have more of an effect on the outcome of kick returns as opposed to somebody who relies on pure speed or having the ability to make people “miss” in the open field.

Eric Galko, who was a part of the XFL’s design, provided even more insight:

Depending on how the NFL begins to view the value of kick returners over the next couple of seasons, players like Hines could end up costing teams quite a bit more than what Cleveland signed him for.

Whether it’s as a pass-catcher out of the backfield or being an explosive playmaker on special teams, the Browns could be in for a big season from Nyheim Hines in 2024.

How do you feel about the NFL’s new kickoff format? Join fellow Browns fans in the comment section below.

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