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Eagles QB coach Brian Johnson talks about the key to Jalen Hurts’ improvement

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By: Alexis Chassen

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Johnson also talks about working with Nick Sirianni and how Philly’s success is intertwined with the teams’ connection.

Eagles quarterback coach Brian Johnson hopped on The Adam Schefter Podcast this week to talk about the development of Jalen Hurts, how he feels about Nick Sirianni, and also points to something people may not know about this 8-0 Philadelphia team.

They opened by talking about Jalen Hurts whose performance has made a huge leap in 2022. Johnson didn’t hesitate to point to Hurts’ accelerated vision as the reason for his development.

“Having those reps last year, and seeing how teams have played him, understanding defensive structures, and having his eyes and feet in concert with what he’s thinking or what he’s seeing with the defense.

So, obviously after last season, we made a big list of things we wanted to continue to improve upon. He had a great offseason. His OTAs work was excellent, his training camp was excellent. There was never a doubt in my mind in terms of him putting in the work to make himself the best player that he could possibly be. That’s just the type of person that he is.”

Johnson mentioned that things started to really start clicking for the QB after the Giants game last year. Hurts had started to accumulate reps and see different defensive structures. The coach lauded Hurts’ drive to continue working on his craft and being dialed in to everything he needs to do to be his best.

Later in the interview, Johnson was asked about Nick Sirianni and what it’s like working with the head coach.

“Nick [Sirianni] is super authentic. Before I got [to Philly], I didn’t really know Nick at all.


He’s been unbelievable to work with. The energy that he possesses on a daily basis, his attention to detail — I think those are two that really, really separates him. Obviously, he loves football, he’s a fantastic football coach, but his organization and his detail, I think, are top notch and second-to-none.”

Johnson later talked about people not realizing just how close the team really is. He noted that there’s often a misconception that there isn’t as much comradery among NFL teams as at the college level, but that’s just not true with this Eagles team. The QB coach said that the players like each other and play for each other and have a genuine bond.

He admitted that things might a little different if they were 0-8 versus 8-0, but a reason they’ve had success is because of the connections they have throughout the team — you play harder, there’s more accountability and more trust.

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