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Huge changes to NFL kickoff rule for 2024

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By: Curt Popejoy

Last season, the more boring part of any NFL game was the kickoff as only 22 percent of kickoffs were returned. But oh boy, all that is about to change. Maybe. The league has proposed the NFL will change the rules for kickoffs to those used by the XFL in an attempt to bring back some excitement to the kicking game and help keep kickoff returns safe.

Here is a perfect breakdown of the new rule from NBCDFW:

The kicking team will kick off from its own 35-yard line.
10 members of the kicking team will line up on the receiving team’s 40-yard line (25 yards in front of their kicker).
A minimum of nine members of the receiving team will line up between their own 30- and 35-yard lines (five-to-10 yards in front of the 10 members of the kicking team).
The receiving team can have zero, one or two players inside their own 30-yard line to receive the kickoff.
The play begins when the ball is either caught, hits the ground in the landing zone (inside the 20-yard line before the goal line) or is returned from the end zone. That’s when players can begin moving.
Any kick that hits the landing zone must be returned.
Any kick that bounces from the landing zone into the end zone must be returned or kneeled for a touchback (with possession going out to the 20-yard line).
If a kick doesn’t reach the landing zone, the receiving team gets possession at its 40-yard line.
If the ball enters the end zone in the air, the receiving team can return it or kneel it for possession at its 30-yard line.
If the ball is kicked out of bounds, the receiving team gets possession at its 40-yard line.
There are no fair catches.
Onside kicks are only permitted in the fourth quarter and must be declared to officials 

Originally posted on Steelers Wire