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NFL replay assistant will be able to correct roughing the passer and intentional grounding

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By: Drew Garrison

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

A little help on the judgment calls.

As the NFL owners meetings roll along this week, lots of proposed rule changes have been voted on.

We learned about the hip drop tackle ban along with changes to kickoffs, but we also learned about changes to the enforcement of calls like intentional grounding and roughing the passer.

In 2024, an NFL replay assistant will now be permitted to correct calls relating to roughing and intentional grounding.

NFL officiating has been under scrutiny in recent years and with the rapid growth and legalization of sports betting, the microscope is even more on officiating. The NFL adding another set of eyes to correct calls that may be incorrect on the field could go a long way in helping fans feel more comfortable with the way games are officiated.

Realistically speaking, the job of an NFL official is not an easy one. They are tasked with making split-second decisions in real-time, sometimes in the most crucial moments of the game. The ability of an “eye in the sky” to review the play and confirm that a flag was warranted is more than likely going to be a good thing.

It is worth noting that these penalties still can’t be challenged by head coaches, but coaches will likely lobby for reviews where they see fit.

Unfortunately for Bengals QB Joe Burrow, this rule change won’t help him get calls that he seems to never get.

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