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Cowboys at Panthers: Bryce Young selection has definitely polarized the Carolina fanbase

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By: David Halprin

Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

It will be interesting to see how the Panthers look on Sunday.

This week the Dallas Cowboys hit the road to take on the Carolina Panthers.The Cowboys are currently 10.5-point favorites in the game according to DraftKings Sportsbook. We spoke to our sister site, Cat Scratch Reader, to get the lowdown on the Panthers.

Blogging The Boys: What’s the feeling about Bryce Young? Was he the right pick? If he had a better supporting cast would he be succeeding?

Cat Scratch Reader: There are two schools of emotion.

One suggests that the franchise will never recover from selecting a Pop Warner-sized quarterback who can’t see the field over future Lifetime MVP and perennial Super Bowl Champion quarterback C.J. Stroud.

The other has the temerity to hold the position that you can’t definitively judge a rookie in his first year. I often subscribe to this school, but I’ll admit that it would be a more tenable position if Young was able to show any consistently good qualities or flashes of true brilliance.

Nobody, not even veterans known to be good, has shown consistent quality this season though, so I think that the jury is still firmly out on Young.

BTB: How much of a hot seat is Frank Reich on? Do you expect him to make it through the season? The offseason?

CSR: I think most of Reich’s seat has boiled away at this point. Reich may see the end of this season, but he won’t see the next if he doesn’t put together a couple of convincing wins in the next couple of weeks.

BTB: What are the positives for the Panthers this season? What players have the team excited for the future?

CSR: *This page left intentionally blank*

BTB: Looking back now, how do you feel about the trade of Christian McCaffrey?

CSR: I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, he is a special talent and was traded for next to nothing. On the other hand, the Panthers took that next to nothing and used it to draft even less than that. On the other other hand, the Panthers clearly weren’t going to hire a coach capable of using, let alone maximizing, McCaffrey’s talents so I’m happy he’s in a better place.

BTB: DraftKings Sportsbook has Dallas as 10.5-point favorites. If the Panthers were to spring a huge upset, or even cover the spread, what would they have to do?

CSR: Complete passes, which is way harder for them than you might think. They would also have to see positive contributions from the running game. Basically, have an offense.

The Panthers have totaled more than 300 yards of total offense twice this season. Nothing works consistently and they came out of the bye week looking worse than they went in. The ten days between last Thursday and this Sunday will need to see true miracles for the team to be competitive against the Cowboys.

Thanks for the knowledge, Cat Scratch Reader.

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