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Dan Quinn on Washington’s draft plans at #2: “If somebody thinks they know, they’ll have to fill me in.”

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By: Scott Jennings

Photo by Jess Rapfogel/Getty Images

Dan Quinn talks to reporters at the NFL Owners meetings

NFL owners are holding their annual league meetings in Orlando, FL, and have passed several rules that will affect the upcoming season and beyond. Washington Commanders GM Adam Peters answered questions from the media yesterday, and it was HC Dan Quinn’s turn today. He didn’t speak for long, but did go over a few topics. He didn’t have much to say on the draft today, but did but did talk about it over the weekend with Tom Pelissero. Quinn did reaffirm that the decision has not been made for the #2 pick.

“I would say it’d be fair to envision we’d be taking a quarterback,” Quinn said. “To say where it’ll be happening, I think that’s a better question for (general manager) Adam (Peters). As the next weeks unfold there’ll be a lot of discussion, and that’s why we’ve had a great trip out seeing some guys, we’ll do that some more in the weeks ahead, but I’ve enjoyed that process with Adam, and going through it. He’s somebody that is an absolute expert at this position, what it looks like, where to go, and so going through that process has been really cool.”

Quinn did talk about his plans to do joint practices in his first season with the Commanders. This was something that he wasn’t always interested in doing, but he expects to make plans when the preseason schedule is released. He also talked about building a team with the fundamentals: “If you’re not a good tackling team, you’re going to get your ass kicked.”

Quinn’s final two quotes talk about free agent signings Bobby Wagner and Jeremy Chinn. Wagner is the best tackler he’s ever coached, and the future Hall of Famer will have a veteran impact on the defense. Chinn is a good blitzer and will help them blitz more and play more man coverage in DC Joe Whitt Jr.’s defense.

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