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NFL news: Teams approves major kickoff change

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By: Bill Williamson

KIckoff | Photo by Dustin Bradford/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Raiders reportedly voted against it

NFL teams approved a major change for the 2024 season that will affect the kickoff in an attempt to cut down on injuries and to increase excitement.

The Las Vegas Raiders, however, reportedly were not on board. Sports Illustrated reported that the Raiders were one of three teams to vote against the proposal. The other teams that voted against the proposal were the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers, according to the report.

Here is a look at what the new kickoff change will look like via ESPN:

The rule change is just for the 2024 season. It will be re-examined after next season and could be tweaked. The new kickoff scheme was inspired from the XFL spring league.

The idea is to move the majority of both the kicking and returning teams down field to avoid high-speed collisions and to cut down on concussions. No player other than the kicker and returners can move until the ball hits inside the 20-yard line.

Plays after touchbacks will start at the returning team’s 30-yard line.

Among the other changes is teams must now inform officials if they are going to attempt an on-sides kick. So, no more surprise kicks are allowed.

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