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Norse Code Podcast Episode 505: Supply Side Guyconomics

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By: Arif Hasan

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Arif and James are back and brought Dusty with for the ride! We go over Cousins and Jefferson rumors, Super Bowl prop bets, and a wide-ranging mailbag including some actual Vikings discussion!

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Episode Notes:

  • The Vikings did hire a defensive line coach shortly after recording this episode — Marcus Dixon
  • Alec Lewis wrote up an explanation of the cap scenario involving Cousins a bit ago
  • My most recent mock draft at Zone Coverage and the companion video at Wide Left
  • My Super Bowl Preview episode with Split Zone Duo
  • Luke Braun on Drake Maye and Pocket Management
  • What the Fuck Am I Doing At the Senior Bowl?
  • Senior Bowl standouts
  • An analysis of previous Reba McEntire performances of the national anthem
  • There are cameras and mics in the goalposts, as god intended
  • Perhaps I should not have been as optimistic about the Kristin Juszczyk clothing line prop
  • I’ve been pretty confused about the Russell Wilson contract details; as it is listed here I don’t see “$39 million guaranteed” as has been explained by cap experts, including OverTheCap’s written explanation.

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