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NY Jets’ Woody Johnson addresses the Zach Wilson rumors

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By: Brandyn Pokrass

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson discussed the team’s approach with Zach Wilson

The owner of the New York Jets is taking a different stance regarding quarterback Zach Wilson than in months past.

At the Annual League Meeting in Orlando, Florida, Woody Johnson spoke about the former BYU quarterback and what he thinks of his potential going forward.

“I feel bad about Zach in some ways because last year would have been a time when he could sit back and watch a master at work. He has never had that; he’s been in the fire since day one,” said Johnson.

“I think that’s what he needs. He needs to be in a place where he can observe for a while. He’s got the skill; he can do everything. There’s a reason we drafted him at number two overall, and I have confidence he will get there at some point.”

More interesting, though, were Johnson’s comments on trading Wilson. While acknowledging that it “would be better” for Wilson to get a change of scenery, the owner did not rule out keeping the quarterback.

“If we don’t trade him, we are going to keep him. So it’s possible that he could do it here,” said Johnson.

Additionally, Johnson called Wilson a “valuable asset” and said he has not nixed any offers for the quarterback. Johnson relayed that general manager Joe Douglas is the only one who can accept or decline trade offers.

Considering the drastic shift in tone from his previous comments, it seems that Johnson is trying to raise Wilson’s value in a potential trade.

From the Jets’ perspective, it would not be logical for them to keep Wilson on the roster. There has been too much drama and dysfunction surrounding the team’s handling of Wilson, and keeping him on the roster would be a distraction for a team that desperately needs to win in 2024.

Furthermore, it would be a disservice to Wilson himself to remain on the Jets. The 2021 draft pick would benefit immensely from a fresh start, and lingering as the third-string quarterback would hamper any shot he has left of developing.

Yet, the Jets have made very questionable moves before regarding Wilson, namely not adding a backup last year to ensure that he got his “redshirt” year to develop.

The likelihood that Wilson will be on a new team in 2024 is high. But after Johnson’s comments, a sliver of possibility remains that Wilson will stay in New York, which would be the worst scenario for both the team and the player.

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