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Poll: Houston Texans Hire New Head Coach

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By: Mike Bullock

George Bridges/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Who do you want it to be?

The potential new Houston Texans head coach news and analysis has reached a fever pitch. Everyone and anyone seems to have their hawt takez and hard reasons why candidate X needs to be “the guy” that Nick Caserio and Cal “Peely” McNair hire to captain this ship.

If you need a primer of the candidates, click here.

For the first time in what seems like forever, there are some very viable coaches on the list of those the Texans are interviewing.

Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson removed his name from contention, but the others are all still in play. With Demeco Ryans as the last one to interview, which is scheduled for tomorrow, it seems Caserio and crew should make a decision soon.

We hope.

If they pull another “wait til the last second then hire the candidate no one else wanted” move, fans just might storm NRG and burn the whole place to the ground in a mass cleansing.

Thankfully Caserio doesn’t really share much of the blame in that fiasco. Nothing against Culley – great guy – just the answer to a question no one should have been asking at the time.

Now, since we hope Ole Nick can make a smart “football move” and hire a good coach, we just need to pray Cal doesn’t influence the hire in any manner.

While we wait, let’s see who the fans would select.

The expectation is Ryans is the current fan favorite. But with Sean Peyton, Thomas Brown and Jonathan Gannon in the mix, you just never know.

For my money, Peyton makes the most sense. Houston can make a deal to send the #12 overall pick to the Saints for Peyton and maybe a 3rd round pick in return. Then, Peyton can legitimize this team, bring a winning culture to Houston and finally wash away the filth of Cal McNair’s ownership career to date.

If we’re willing to spend the #12 pick on a wide receiver that may or may not work out, per most of the latest mock drafts, why not give it up for a super bowl winning head coach?

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