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Random Ramsdom: How do new special teams rules impact LA’s team?

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By: Daniel Stone

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams News and Links for 3/28/24

There are apparently going to be some new rules this upcoming NFL season. How will this impact the Los Angeles Rams and specifically their special teams? Based on the eye test their special teams was probably their weakest group on the squad last year. LA is still sticking with special team’s coach, Chase Blackburn (I used a picture of Blackburn talking with Shohei Ohtani for this Random Ramsdom…no real reason).

This topic probably deserves more of a deep dive but we’ll go with what we have for now. Do you have any thoughts on the Rams and their special teams? Any thoughts for baseball starting up tomorrow? I am a Rams fan for the NFL, but a San Francisco Giants fan for baseball. I am sick in the head I know.

Please comment on whatever you’d like and have a great day! Are you ready for some baseball? I am.

Thank you to all our commenters and readers! Thank you all for checking out Turfshowtimes!

Sean McVay presser at NFL Annual Meeting: Aaron Donald’s retirement & approach to new kickoff rules (

“Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay addressed the media at the NFL Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida. McVay discussed defensive tackle Aaron Donald’s retirement and the imprint he left on the team, along with how the Rams may approach upcoming changes to the kickoff rules.”

Do Rams Need Kick Return Overhaul? NFL Owners, Stan Kroenke, Pass New Rule (

“Teams are permitted to place up to two returners in the “landing zone,” and returners cannot utilize a fair catch, as they could in 2023. There will be no surprise onside kicks. Teams can attempt an onside kick in the fourth quarter but must notify the officials first.

Owners agreed to a one-year trial of the new format, which is borrowed heavily from what was used in the XFL spring league.

The change certainly boosts the value of returners in the NFL. For the Rams, Austin Trammell only returned six kickoffs in 2023. Los Angeles could be in the market for a new returner as they ranked dead-last in kick return average last season.”

Hybrid kickoff format, swivel hip-drop tackle, and third replay challenge after one successful among rule changes passed for 2024 NFL season (

“The league will be adopting a hybrid kickoff format – for a trial run of the 2024 season – after the vote passed 29-3, NFL Competition Committee chairman Rich McKay told reporters Tuesday. (24 of 32 votes are needed for a rule to pass)

Under the new rules, the kicking and receiving units would each have new alignments. Action off the kickoff would be prompted when the ball lands in a “landing zone” defined as the area between the receiving team’s goal line and its 20-yard line.

Kickoffs will still take place from the 35 yard line. However, the remaining 10 players on the kicking unit would line up on the opponent’s 40-yard line. Meanwhile, the receiving team would line up at least 7 players in the “setup zone,” a five-yard area between their own 35 and 30 yard line. No more than two returners would be allowed to line up in the landing zone.

The kicker can’t cross the 50-yard line until ball touches the ground or a player in the landing zone, or go into the endzone. The 10 kicking team players can’t move until the ball hits the ground or player in the landing zone or the end zone. Additionally, the receiving team’s players in the set-up zone also can’t move until the ball has hit the ground or a player in the landing zone or the end zone. The returner(s) are allowed to move at any time before or during the kickoff.”

Random Fandom: Building from the back in. Our defense is evolving. (By CDNGolfer on Mar 27, 2024)

“The moves we’ve made so far on defense certainly fit with a change in philosophy towards a style along the lines of what the Ravens did last year. Why go that route?

The Baltimore Ravens’ defense is the first in NFL history to lead the league in sacks(60), points allowed(16.5 ppg) and takeaways(31).

They did it without an elite edge rusher, instead creating pressure by first creating confusion. Up to eight guys in the box pre snap coupled with at the snap motion meant any one of them could rush and from any direction. A great clip in the comments to illustrate this. Offensive linemen are guessing and reacting, much more difficult than having your guy in your sights from the get go.”