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Recent Aaron Rodgers update might open up NFC even more for Rams

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By: Evan Craig

Dan Powers-USA TODAY Sports

Rodgers is seemingly on his way out of Green Bay

Rumors around Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Green Bay Packers are as perennial and discomforting for Packers fans as they were two decades ago with Brett Favre. If the latest rumors on Friday have any truth to them, that the Packers organization is “disgusted” with Rodgers, then the former MVP quarterback might be best served to spend more time on his retreat than planned.

Green Bay beat writer Bob McGinn reported on Friday that Green Bay is ready to move on, even if Rodgers isn’t.

The reports are damning but not surprising considering the “will he, won’t he” rumors that Rodgers has been going through the last few offseasons. The Packers must have the patience of a saint, or they’ve just been that afraid of the transition from Rodgers to Jordan Love. But perhaps not anymore.

While this isn’t great news for cheeseheads, it’s exactly what the Los Angeles Rams needed. For LA to respond following a significant down year, they need to take advantage of an uncertain NFC. Their wish might just come true once A-Rod is out of the picture and his likely departure would further weaken the conference and put the Packers’ hopes in the hands of an unproven signal caller.

Though Love, like Rodgers, has spent the first three years of his career on the bench behind one of the all-time greatest, there haven’t been many positive reports or consistent flashes of greatness in his brief preseason and regular season appearances. Love has completed 60.2% of 83 attempts for 606 yards, three touchdowns, three interceptions, and 26 rushing yards over the last two years. He was a more prospect coming out of Utah State in 2020 than Rodgers was coming out of Cal in 2005.

Though Rodgers did fall to the bottom part of the first round, there would have been no shock if he went first overall to the San Francisco 49ers. In fact, that’s what most expected. Love was a more surprising first round pick and there’s no guarantee that Green Bay would even hand him the job without a competition.

It’s not just the Packers with question marks at the most vital position.

If Rodgers leaves the NFC or retires, who would be the top-three quarterbacks in the conference? Jalen Hurts, Dak Prescott, and Matthew Stafford? There’s also the distinct possibility that two, if not three of the top quarterbacks in the 2023 draft will go to AFC teams because the Texans and Colts seem to have first dibs. The Titans are rumored to be wanting a move up.

There’s also the chance that this blows over because Green Bay could have a difficult time getting adequate compensation and Rodgers may have a hard time walking away from $59 million guaranteed if he doesn’t retire. But with it seeming less likely that the two sides could stay together, it gives the Rams more reason to think that they’re still in competition with the top quarterbacks—and teams—in the NFC.