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Saints head coach Dennis Allen speaks on the signing of DE Chase Young and his injury

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By: Tina Howell

Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

Allen is currently in Orlando at the league’s annual meeting.

New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen is currently in Orlando at the NFL’s annual league meeting. Earlier this morning, he met with members of the media and opened the session with his thoughts on newly signed DE Chase Young.

When speaking about Young, Allen said he was a guy that they were looking at but didn’t really know if he would be available. Then they quickly found out that he was going to be available and in a range that they could get to. Allen said, “I think he’s extremely talented. I think he’s extremely motivated. We had a great visit with him, had dinner with him the night before. Then brought him over obviously, did all the medicals and I just think he is going to be a really great asset for our defense.”

On Young’s injury, Allen said, “Obviously, we knew he was going to have this surgery and I think the good thing for all of us involved was everybody that we talked to felt like ‘look, it’s not a matter of if he is going to heal and be fine, it was just a matter of when.’ I think we are kind of comfortable with the timelines we have and yet, it’s the human body and it will heal at its own rate. But I know he is gonna do everything he can to get himself back and get himself ready as quickly as possible.”

The Saints signed Young to a one-year deal on March 18th, 2024. The following day, it was announced that he would have to undergo neck surgery that would likely cause him to miss part of training camp, but he is expected to be available by the start of the 2024 season.

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