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The NFL will play games on Wednesday, December 25 — possibly with the Chiefs

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By: John Dixon

Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

The league plans unprecedented Wednesday games on Christmas Day — which could easily involve Kansas City.

As the NFL continues its spring meetings in Orlando, the big stories continue to be changes being made to the league’s playing rules and bylaws for 2024.

But other things are also under consideration. One of them was reported by the Wall Street Journal’s Andrew Beaton: even though Christmas Day will fall on a Wednesday in 2024 — and after previously saying it wouldn’t do so — the league intends to schedule regular-season games on Christmas.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Hans Schroeder — the league’s executive vice president for media distribution — announced there will be two games on Christmas, per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport.

And it’s possible the Kansas City Chiefs could be playing in one of them.

There have been a total of 40 NFL games that have been played on a Wednesday. Almost all of them were before 1940. But there have been only two Wednesday games since the 1948 season.

The first was in 2012 when the season opener between the Dallas Cowboys and the defending champion New York Giants was moved back one day so that NBC could join America’s other television networks in covering the final night of a national political convention.

The other was when the Pittsburgh Steelers hosted the Baltimore Ravens during the 2020 season. That game was rescheduled as the league fought its way through a season complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2024, the league intends to make these Wednesday games work by having the teams scheduled to play on the holiday have their previous games on Saturday, December 21. So playing on Wednesday will be similar to a Thursday matchup that follows a Sunday game.

As you’ll remember, the Kansas City Chiefs were one of six teams that played on Christmas Day last season — which in 2023, fell on a Monday. Since the team has now won back-to-back championships and continues to have the face of the league playing at quarterback (and not for nothing, might still have the face of popular music watching each game from a suite), it stands to reason that in the coming season, Kansas City will again be featured in a large share of the league’s most visible games. Will one of them be on Christmas Day?

Since the team just played on Christmas… maybe not. But we still wouldn’t bet against it.

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