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Tuesday Cheese Curds: How will the Packers fit their new pieces together?

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By: Jon Meerdink

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This week we’re getting some insight into the Packers’ plans.

The Packers have shuffled a few pieces and will add quite a few more through next month’s NFL Draft, but we’re a long way from seeing how they all fit together.

That, of course, is the real question. It’s one thing to fire a defensive coordinator and hire a new one. It’s one thing to sign a high-profile safety and an equally high-profile running back, jettisoning your old (in more ways than one) back in the process. It’s one thing to stockpile a bunch of draft picks.

It’s an entirely different thing to fit them all together. But we’re starting to get some ideas as to what the final product could actually be. This week’s NFL meetings offered our first look into what head coach Matt LaFleur has in store for the Packers this fall, and although we can’t really know what shape things will take until the ball is actually snapped, it was interesting to hear LaFleur’s take on things.

Soon it will all become real. We’re only about four months away from the start of training camp, and we’ll get to see if LaFleur can weave a promising young roster into a contender. The final fit will tell the story.

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