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APC Podcast: If you care, what to watch for if you watch Packers preseason football

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By: Zach Rapport

Ebony Cox/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis, Green Bay Press-Gazette via Imagn Content Services, LLC

We’re not saying you should watch every second of the Packers preseason debut against the Texans, but if you do (you know, hypothetically), here are some things you could pay attention to.

Look, it’s the preseason. It’s vanilla schemes, it’s backup players, and perhaps most crucially, it doesn’t count. We’re not saying you should invest your precious time in watching this Saturday’s preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the Houston Texans, but we’re not not saying that either. And if you did find yourself plopped down in front of the tv or logging on to Gamepass to watch the game (you know, hypothetically, of course), here are some things we at the APC pod think are worth paying attention to:

QBs not wearing 12 – For the purposes of this exercise on the podcast, we actually took Jordan Love off the table. It’s just low-hanging fruit. Obviously, everyone’s eyes are going to be glued to Jordan Love. Last year we cannonballed into the regular season with nary a peek of Love behind center. But there’s a backup behind the backup, and we’re genuinely curious to see what Kurt Benkert looks like. Love should get the majority of this game, but Benkert should see snaps, and we’ll be paying attention.

Devin Funchess – We’ve wavered back and forth on the pod about whether or not we think Funchess has a role on this team. But the truth is, we haven’t seen him play anything resembling competitive football in about 2 years. He should get plenty of opportunities on Saturday.

Kylin Hill – An early frontrunner to be one of Ben’s “guys,” this seventh-round running back is an intriguing prospect, and he should be featured quite a bit on Saturday. Doubly interesting is the way his body size and skillset overlap with Aaron Jones. We’re not saying it’s one-to-one (it’s definitely not), but hey, it’s the preseason and you want a guy to root for.

NOT Joe Barry – I know we’re all clamoring for a look-see at the Packers’ new defensive scheme, but the average fan is probably not going to be able to discern anything meaningful from this game. On the other hand, you might spend some time looking at where they’re lining up certain players on the defense as they play around with position versatility and determine who can do what.

That’s the short list from us. What will you be watching for on Saturday? You know, hypothetically.

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