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Bears legend Brian Urlacher weighed in on the Justin Fields-Caleb Williams dilemma

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By: Vincent Parise

The Chicago Bears have a quarterback dilemma.

Do they keep Justin Fields, who they drafted 11th overall in the 2021 NFL draft, or do they use their first overall pick in 2024 on USC quarterback Caleb Williams? It is a debate sweeping the NFL world right now. It is a national conversation just as much as it is a local focal point.

A lot of people have an opinion on the direction that general manager Ryan Poles should take. That includes Bears legend and Hall of Famer Brian Urlacher, who played 13 seasons with the Bears, so people respect his thoughts on the current state of the team.

He gave an interview on “The 33rd Team” and revealed his opinion on the current Bears quarterback situation. He believes that if you are questioning whether or not someone is still going to be your franchise guy after three years they are probably not. With the number one pick, he thinks the Bears should be taking Caleb Williams.

“If people are still asking if Justin is the guy, then he’s probably not the guy,” Urlacher said. “…In my opinion, they probably have to draft a kid.”

The theory does make a lot of sense. Fields has not taken enough big steps with the Bears during his tenure with the team. We’ve seen plenty of other quarterbacks come in and make an impact much quicker. Fields has shown flashes but has never made anyone confidently say that he is their franchise player.

It is a shame because he is a very good person and people seem to like being around him. The fact of the matter is that he doesn’t move the needle for the offense. He has weapons around him and the offensive line has improved so the excuses are wearing thin.

This doesn’t mean that Williams is going to come in and be a superstar, but the potential for that is there. Many scouts have claimed him to be amongst the best quarterback prospects in recent history. Names like Andrew Luck and Trevor Lawrence come to mind when thinking of other players who got that kind of praise.

The thing is, he can’t be much worse than a 10-28 quarterback. Wins aren’t necessarily a good quarterback stat, but Fields hasn’t helped this team do much winning and that is a fact. Listening to Urlacher might be a good idea for Poles and his staff. It is good to hear Bears legends chiming in though as they are up to date with the team.

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