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Eagles Film Review: Parris Campbell, DeVante Parker, and others

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By: Jonny Page

Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Right, the main part of NFL fee agency is essentially over. If you have missed any of my player breakdowns, then please check them out.

Bryce Huff / Saquon Barkley / Devin White / CJGJ (written last year).

The Eagles did make a few other signings, but I need to get into draft prospects, so I don’t have the time to watch all of these players in-depth like the other 3. However, I did want to briefly check them out, and I’ve posted some thoughts on each one below. If the Eagles make another big signing, I’ll probably watch them in-depth too.

This is part 2, so go back and read part 1 if you haven’t already! Also, check out the latest On The Shane Page podcast for BGN Radio:

WR Parris Campbell, 1-year deal.

Oh boy. I promise I won’t get too excited but… I was a fan of Campbell coming out of college. This is what I said about him, back in 2019.

Everything he does is fast. He can’t get off press so needs to be a Z or slot receiver. His routes need a lot of refinement and he’s raw as a route runner. However, he has electric speed and he can just run past off coverage. He has great speed to get YAC on drag, curls etc. Should be an explosive player but the question is – is he a legitimate Z or just an explosive package player?

Well, I guess he turned out to be more of an explosive package player.

Despite his athletic profile, it never really worked out with the Colts or the Giants this past season. It’s always interesting to analyze what went wrong with a player, but a lot of the time it’s due to basic problems, such as injuries. It’s hard to be successful like this (chart via Draft Sharks).

As well as this, Campbell has not been in a stable environment with a strong quarterback during his time with the Colts and the Giants. He’s also been asked to play outside at times, which I don’t think suits his skill set. In his rookie year, he played more snaps out wide than in the slot, and in 2021 he played 161 snaps wide and 16 snaps in the slot. This seems crazy to me.

His best season was 2022 when he had 623 yards and stayed healthy all year. In 2022 he played 756 of his 991 snaps in the slot, which proves my point.

I don’t think Parris Campbell will become the Eagles WR3 or starting slot receiver, although he’s an upgrade on Quez Watkins. But I do think Campbell should make the team and can be used as an explosive gadget player. In my review of Kellen Moore’s offense, I mentioned this…

‘WR Fly Sweeps’. Kellen Moore likes to use his receiver in the run game and I am going to be looking hard at wide receivers who excel with the ball in their hands in the draft this year. The Eagles absolutely need a new profile at WR3 this offseason. WR3 plays an important role in Moore’s offense because he likes to run plays like this.

How can you not be excited by this?

I keep telling myself not to be excited by Parris Campbell. He was drafted 5 years ago and only has 44 catches for 1087 yards. I shouldn’t be excited but… I hope the Eagles use him as their wide receiver 4 and give him a couple of opportunities a day to make a few big plays. I still believe…

CB Tyler Hall, 1-year deal.

I saw a fair bit of excitement about Tyler Hall online, which is a little odd as Hall hasn’t really played a great deal. Unlike most of the other Eagles’ free-agent signings, Hall was not a high draft pick and was a UDFA in 2020. The only season he played a decent amount of snaps was in 2022, and PFF graded him out very well. When looking at 2022 PFF data and only players who played 10% of the snaps, Tyler Hall’s numbers look good. He gave up 0.82 yards per coverage snap which ranks 32nd out of 128. In 122 coverage snaps, he gave up 9 receptions for 43 yards and the opposing QB’s passer rating was 58.7, which is pretty good!

I had a little search online, and nearly every Raiders fan I could find was a big fan of Tyler Hall.

There’s a really good film breakdown online that I recommend checking out if you want to learn even more about Hall. You can find it here! Everything I read about Hall is positive, so I’m a little confused as to why he was available and hasn’t played more throughout his career. If any of you have any more information as to why he was available, please let me know in the comments.

I’m guessing Tyler Hall will compete with Isiah Rodgers. I’m glad the Eagles are giving themselves options at slot cornerback, rather than relying on one player to start.

WR DeVante Parker, 1-year deal.

This is a weird one and not one that excites me a great deal. Parker does not separate well, and I can’t see him playing in the slot at all.

However, sometimes you don’t have to separate to be successful. I expect Parker to be an outside-the-numbers, contested catch kind of guy who will just run go routes and comebacks and provide a few snaps to give AJ Brown a rest every so often. I’m not convinced he makes the team due to his injury history and recent play, but if he does I think he is a good option on jump balls and in the red zone.

Jalen Hurts throws a beautiful deep ball and gives his outside receivers a chance, so DeVante Parker might be able to do a little bit more of this.

DT PJ Mustipher, 1-year deal.

I’m not particularly interested in the signing of Mustipher, but I am interested in the profile. I have been going on about the Eagles’ front 7 being extremely light, and it seems obvious to me that the Eagles are expecting their interior defensive lineman to do a serious amount of the heavy lifting in the run game to keep the linebackers clean. I think Mustipher signals to that approach, as he is a big man, and not at all athletic.

There’s nothing to see with Mustipher, as he was an undrafted rookie in 2023 and barely played, but I think it signals that the Eagles are going rely on the defensive line to free up the linebackers, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the Eagles add another nose tackle. This was Mustipher’s scouting report via

Mustipher was a high-character leader for the Nittany Lions and brings good thickness to the position. He’s a little too gradual off the snap to create stress for blockers and fails to control the action with force or hand usage. Mustipher’s below-average athletic profile and limited impact on games will make it difficult for him to work his way onto an NFL roster.

He looks like your generic space-eating nose tackle, who will backup Jordan Davis if he does make the roster.

That’s all for this one folks, it’s nearly time for draft rankings…

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