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Mike LaFleur can be second OC to complete consecutive seasons under McVay

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By: Daniel Stone

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams haven’t had offensive coordinator for two consecutive seasons since Kevin O’Connell

Sean McVay has been the head coach of the Los Angeles Rams since 2017. Between then and now McVay has had a few different offensive coordinators. The list at OC under McVay includes Matt LaFleur, Kevin O’Connell, Liam Cohen and current offensive coordinator, Mike LaFleur, who is the younger brother to the previosly mentioned Matt. The Rams went without a formal OC during the 2018 and 2019 seasons. Partly due to that gap, McVay has only had only one titled offensive coordinator work with him for two consecutive campaigns. That would be O’Connell (mentioned above), who is now the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mike, if he finishes out this upcoming season as the Ram’s OC, would become the second offensive coordinator to complete two seasons with McVay since McVay has been the head coach of the Rams. If LaFleur stays at OC for the 2025-2026 season, then that would be the first time McVay would’ve had an official offensive coordinator on his staff for three straight seasons.

In O’Connell’s first crack at OC with the Rams, they made the playoffs. For O’Connell’s second season, LA traded for Matthew Stafford and went on to win the Super Bowl. O’Connell then became the head coach of the Vikings. Lafleur, going into year two with the Rams, has a legitmiate chance to do something similar to O’Connell. Last year, the Rams were underdogs, but I don’t think that is the case this time as LA are already expected by some to be competing for the Lombardi.

It would take a soothsayer to predtict how long LaFleur’s time in LA will be. If the Rams take another step forward, like make the NFC Championship game or Super Bowl, it would be easy to see the current Ram’s OC get some looks at head coaching vacancies. He apparently didn’t have many looks this past head coaching cycle.

In the meantime, having McVay and Lafleur together again could lead to some exciting results. Last season the Rams transitioned into more of a physical style running team with bigger blockers. LA still is a pass first mentality (what team doesn’t?), and they should be pass first with Stafford, but as the Rams build up their offensive line and continue to become a team as much about power as finesse, Lafleur can bring important continuity as the offensive coordinator. Assuming he really was the Ram’s preferred option at OC last offseason, then having him again should be nothing but a positive.

A lot of the credit will aways go to McVay because he is an offensive genius and the head coach, but hopefully Lafleur gets his flowers too. This season, his year two, the coordinator should have a greater a role, and as big a chance as ever to make some noise as a potential future head coach in the NFL.

Let’s see how he does and let’s see if the Rams and Ram’s fans end up hoping LaFleur sticks around for a year three.