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NFL bans hip-drop tackle, Cam Jordan responds

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By: Carson Caulfield

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Hip-drop tackles have been under scrutiny after causing multiple injuries in 2023.

On Monday, at the annual league meeting in Orlando, the infamous hip-drop tackle was banned by the NFL after growing safety concerns associated with the technique.

The ban was approved by NFL owners to protect offensive players from lower-body injuries. This legislation has become a recent focus after multiple hip-drops caused several significant injuries this season.

According to the NFL’s recent definition of a hip-drop tackle, it occurs “When a tackler grabs a ballcarrier, swivels and leaves the ground, then falls on the back of the ballcarrier’s lower leg.”

The main opposition to this penalty comes from grievances over the growing laundry list of tackling restrictions and the difficulty of accurately calling the penalty by an official. The NFL Players Association was actually against the penalty. New Orleans Saints defensive end Cam Jordan voiced his displeasure with the decision and as someone who makes a living from tackling, who can blame him?

Jordan will enter his 14th season in the NFL in 2024 and will now have to make some adjustments to his tackling technique. Saints head coach Dennis Allen did not comment on the ban during his interview with the media this morning at the annual NFL Owners meeting.

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