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Sashi Brown says the Ravens are interested in hosting NFL Draft; will update alternate uniforms

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By: Frank Platko

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens Team President Sashi Brown spoke to the media during the Annual League Meeting and announced they’re working on alternate uniform adjustments.

At the NFL’s Annual League Meeting in Orlando, Florida on Monday, Baltimore Ravens’ Team President Sashi Brown spoke to media and offered insight into new developments happening with the team. There were numerous notable tidbits from Brown’s media availability.

Brown noted the Ravens have expressed interest in hosting the NFL draft in Baltimore and “begun talks” with the league. He said the organization believes Baltimore would be a great venue for the annual offseason spectacle, which proves to be one of the biggest football events of the year.

This marks the first time in recent history the Ravens have publicly expressed interest in doing so and are in discussions with the NFL on bringing the draft to Charm City.

Brown noted “in the relatively near future” was the timeline, which is vague and likely indicates several years from now. The league usually sets a location for the draft one year ahead of time. This year’s draft is in Detroit, while it was previously announced the 2025 NFL Draft will take place in Green Bay.

Should the Ravens get an opportunity to do the same soon, it would be a great opportunity for the city and community of Baltimore. There is no location set for the draft beyond 2025 as of now, so where the Ravens may fit into the equation is anyone’s guess.

Among other information Brown shared with reporters is a wardrobe update could be forthcoming for the team. Brown said the Ravens were exploring changes to the team’s alternate uniforms, but would not be tweaking the main home and away jerseys, where they’ve maintained a “classic look.”

It’s been awhile since the Ravens have undergone a jersey redesign or introduced a new look into the fashion catalog. While the primary uniforms will be remaining the same, as Sashi noted, it sounds like an update or overhaul may come about to one of the alternate jerseys — which are the all-black, color rush, and purple jersey/black pants combinations.

The all-black uniforms have long been a fan-favorite, so it’s hard to imagine the Ravens would do much to change those significantly. The team traditionally wears those once or twice a year in primetime games at home. Last year, they sported the all-black look in a victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Thursday Night Football at M&T Bank Stadium.

The purple jersey with black pants alternate combo is one the Ravens wear more often, including in both home playoff games this past season. The color rush jerseys, which feature an all-purple look with gold lettering/lining, was introduced a few years ago as part of the league’s wider color rush rollout for all teams. However, it’s not a combination the Ravens utilize much anymore.

Many teams around the league undergo jersey changes almost every year, so it’ll be interesting to see how and when the Ravens get in on the mix.

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