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Minnesota Vikings News and Links, 22 December 2022

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By: Christopher Gates

Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

And we’re at the start of a new NFL week!

Norske Thorsday to everyone that observes! We’re at the start of a new week for the National Football League as we’ve got Thursday Night Football to look forward to this evening, and we’re just two days away from seeing what our Minnesota Vikings do as an encore to the greatest comeback in NFL history. Pretty cool, eh?

Since the last time we brought you an Open Thread. . .

  • Fifteen Minutes with Flipmazzi is back, and taking a look at the comeback.
  • Some awful news from the NFL, as former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Franco Harris passed away yesterday at the age of 72. Just days before the league celebrates the 50th anniversary of the “Immaculate Reception.”
  • Kirk Cousins was named the NFC’s Offensive Player of the Week, despite some Really Smart Football People™ insisting that he didn’t really have that great a game.
  • Shawn takes a minute to recognize the contributions of the unheralded Duke Shelley.
  • We did our weekly Five Good Questions segment with Ed Valentine from Big Blue View.
  • GA Skol asks you to determine who was Saturday’s best in the win over the Colts.
  • The second injury reports of the week are out. . .a couple of changes for the Vikings, not so much for the Giants.
  • Five members of the Vikings have been named to the NFC team for this year’s Pro Bowl Games.

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